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Hardwood Floor Sanding Service

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Expect Radiant Effects!

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Hardwood Floor Sanding, Staining, Finishing.

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Based on 15 reviews
Sue Peterson
Sue Peterson
I am amazed at the change this made in my home! Our hardwood staircase had always been carpeted except for the edges. I was tired of the old look and wanted to have just wood. My husband started searching for a local, independently owned business and found Stand Up Flooring. Wajciech came out the next day and gave us estimates for sanding and refinishing the stairs and upstairs balcony and railing. He gave us the option of all wood finish or wood finish on steps and balcony and railing with white painted risers and spindles. We chose the latter and couldn’t be happier with the finished product. I feel like I have a beautiful new piece of furniture in my entry instead of just a functional way to get upstairs. Wajciech and his painter were perfectionists and tended to every detail. I highly recommend this company.
Karol Szado
Karol Szado
Wojtek makes the most beautiful parquet floors in the world!!! Every friend that has seen them in my house asks for directions to Wojtek!
Anatolij Strugacki
Anatolij Strugacki
Wojtek does great quality hardwood flooring work! He’s reliable and competitive. I recommend his work.
Hazem Tabahi
Hazem Tabahi
I would recommend Stand Up Flooring to anyone that needs hardwood flooring work. His work is professional and timely. He even brought in a painter and a carpenter to take care of some builtin cabinets that had to be removed and repaired. 5 stars!
piter urban
piter urban
Very professional company I liked They were on time and job was very clean Strongly recommended
Tomasz Pajerski
Tomasz Pajerski
WOJTEK wykonal bardzo dokladna prace.Wszystko zostalo zrobione na czas.Jest bardzo uprzejmy I dotrzymuje terminow.Polecamy go za rzetelnosc I uczciwosc.
Mariola Lekan
Mariola Lekan
A few years ago I had my floors redone by Stand Up Flooring in my Papillon Spa in Mount Prospect. The vinyl floor they installed still works perfectly for our needs and is very durable. I greatly appreciate the work that Wojciech did and I will always recommend him as a person to go to for floor restoration and installation.
Arek Zareba
Arek Zareba
Great service! Great work! I highly recommend. Reasonable pricing.
Jacek Walczak
Jacek Walczak
Very good job on refinishing my hardwood flooring and installing stairs in my house. I recommend for future floor restoration projects!
Christian Barrios
Christian Barrios
Very professional. Was able to help with all my questions. I highly recommend

I’m Wojciech Puzniak🇵🇱🇺🇸

Hardwood Floor Sanding Expert

Hi, I’ve been sanding hardwood floors since 2013. I learned this trade from a great person my mentor and a good friend, the owner of Orient Flooring Company – over 40 years in business. Since then, I’ve honed my skills and worked on numerous projects throughout the Chicago area with other companies like Redesign Floors, U.S. Home Construction, Robert Jahn Construction, and DaVinci Painting.

If you’re looking for someone to restore your hardwood floors, I’d appreciate it if you checked out the impressive transformations in my portfolio. I’m passionate about flooring and take pride in paying careful attention to details when sanding hardwood floors.

hardwood floor sanding

Chicago Hardwood Floor Sanding Service

Our Flooring Projects

Hardwood Floor Sanding Services in Chicago

For the best wood floor refinishing and installation services, choose us! We have years of experience and offer free estimates and advice. Don’t settle for less – trust us for top-quality work. while deciding the bids that you received from the floor contractors.


Reliable Wood Floor
Refinishing, Sanding, and Installation Contractors in Chicago's North Shore and West Suburbs

We offer reliable hardwood floor sanding services in Northbrook, North and West Chicago Suburbs, Illinois. Starting from old wood floor removal, subfloor installation and replacement, oak solid hardwood floor installation, laminate installation, engineering flooring installation, base shoe installation for hardwood floors, quarter rant installation, and baseboard installation.

As well as, the Hardwood Floor Refinishing Contractor Services – wood flooring sanding, polishing, applying color of stain, wood floor finishes(oil base and water base), as well as providing advice about keeping the floors in the best possible condition for an extended period of time.

The best hardwood stairs sanding service in Chicago North Shore and West Suburbs

Frequently asked questions

Sanding Wood Floor Info

Yes we do offer totally free estimate, as well as live on the phone advice about flooring, and video chat estimates, so that you can save your time and stay safe during those unusual times.

Almost 10 years of experience passed to our employees from an expert that does floors for over 40 years. Hundreds of flooring projects done in the areas such us: Oak Park, Highland Park, Glencoe, Lake Forest, Buffolo Grove, Lincolnshire, Deerfield, Northbrook, Skokie, Mt. Prospect, Arlington Heights, Niles, Wilmette, Winnetka and many other cities and neighborhoods in and around North and West Chicago IL suburbs.

The price for the floor sanding depends on: the floor complexity and wear, type of the stain used, amount of coats of finish applied after sanding, the kind of finish used (water base wood finish is more expensive, but provides different protection). We often use a general per sqft price just to have our customers get familiar with what kind of expense they would expect.

Depending on a size of the place and complexity the Hardwood Floor Sanding may cost from $2-$6 per square foot – Including labor and materials.

The floor installation vary from 2-4 dollars per sqft + the cost of wood (materials)

If the job includes additional work like reinstalling trims: base shoe and quarter rounds, baseboards, or redoing fully or partially the subfloor to achieve the same level, the price will be custom for each individual wood floor job.

I’ve seen many videos and website tutorials of how to do it yourself. The truth is I have not learned much from them.

Sanding the hardwood floors is a very complex process, that seems incredibly easy, but is not. Installing the laminate or engineering floor is much easier process.

In order to do it properly, you need a good quality equipment that is well taken care of, so that it won’t leave marks or waves on your floor. It requires multiple steps to sand the wood floor, as you need to use a few different grates of sanding paper redoing the whole area a few times.

No matter how well will you sand the floor, the finish applying process might be tricky too. There is not even one thing in the process that you could skip or not perform thoroughly, and expect good visual effects.

Call us for the advice, if you don’t have enough funds to refinish the floor – the laminate floor installation is the option to go for you!

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    Your guide to Engineering Wood & Laminate Flooring

    floor icon 2We would like to save you your time and help you answer some common questions about choosing, buying and installing the engineering wood floor and the laminate flooring, which is the best for more humid conditions such us basements. However, the Laminate Flooring gets more popular due to it’s price and durability.

    For real solid wood floor lovers, Engineering Flooring might be the way to go. You will save money on sanding as it comes already refinished, and you can put into getting a better quality wood with easy to install locks.

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