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The Best Hardwood Floor Installation Services

Sanding Wood Floor is a perfect place to find your hardwood floor installation services. You can trust our expertise. We perform only good quality jobs, that we are proud of.

No matter if you need to remove the old floor or even reinstall the sub floor – we got your back. Our contractors are skilled and deliver fast. With us you can easily plan your home renovation, as we are able to estimate exact amount of time for the job to be done.

installing wood by handThe most popular kinds of wood, that we install are – Red and White Oak, Walnut and Maple. Each one has different grain look and color after applying stain and finish, as well as hardness.

The most desirable and as well more pricey is the White Oak, as it gives a true color of wood and stain. It is the best base to the highest quality job.

However the most popular and more affordable kind of Oak which we are installing is red oak hardwood floor. The difference is that it has naturally a little reddish hue, however after the stain or finish it still gives that natural wood look.

Maple is a much harder wood, but it does not reflect the stain color in the same way, and it is generally more white. Also the grains of the wood are completely different.

Walnut is a very soft kind of wood, easier to scratch, or make a dent, but it’s beauty manifests in the amazing tree sliver and it’s color, which looks marvelous.

measuring wood sizeWhile installing wood floors we keep in mind the rules that will let you enjoy the floor for a longer period of time, like: maintaining appropriate spaces between the wood connections, or staples from one another. Which are one of the standard things to keep in mind.

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Hardwood Floor Installation is an art. It’s not just grabbing random pieces and stapling them to the playwood

How Do I Know Which Hardwood Floor Installation Contractor Should I Choose?

There are many companies offering flooring services installing hardwood in the Chicago area. We are providing you our experience coming from years of practice.

Our contractors are very knowledgeable and encountered multiple kinds of situations, that they were able to overcome and still perform great quality job.

We offer you floor being installed on time and without the hassle. It will allow us to prepare the fundaments to better hardwood floor refinishing while sanding it. That will let us deliver to you the best visible effects after applying stain and coats of finish.

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