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carpet removal service

Here you can find the fastest carpet removal service in the North and West suburbs of the Chicago area. If you need time and help to get your home ready for renovation – our carpet removal service is just for you.

We can as well help you with redoing your floors, but as a contractors, we know that the nails and staples removal after the carpet removal, can be energy-draining and monotonous.

While removing the carpet we are exposed to uncounted amounts of everything that consists of the carpet and its underlayment. It is a ‘nasty’ task, that is done better in advance of floor refinishing.

carpet removal services

Carpet removal can be a few hours to 1-2 days job. It is the best done the same day, as it often leaves the dirty residue on the skin and it is much more convenient for the floor installation contractor, to have the subfloor prepared for another steps in advance.

Start your floor renovation today with removing the old carpets and get your floor ready for installation a new flooring or sanding – refinishing the old existing floor covered by the carpet.

What benefits do I have if I choose the Sanding Wood Floor to remove my carpet?

While removing the carpets, we are trying to do it in the least invasive way, without lifting all the dust in the air. We always perform our job, like it is done for ourselves.

We are fast in carpet removal and we maintain clean work environment. If needed we will secure other parts of your home, from dust and remove all the nails and staples, as well as swipe and vacuum after ourselves.

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