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Hardwood Floor Sanding & Installation Services in Deerfield Illinois

Are you in need of professional flooring services in Deerfield, IL? Sanding Wood Floor specializes in hardwood floor sanding and installation. Our team of experienced flooring contractors is ready to give your hardwood floors a touch of elegance and luxury. We offer services such as re-sanding, refinishing, parquet sanding, oil and water base finish application, help with choosing stain color, and hardwood floor restoration. We use various sanding paper grits to achieve the best results, and we recommend the best solution for your unique flooring needs. Trust us to secure the areas that we don’t work on to prevent dust from spreading. Contact us today for a quote!

We offer hardwood floor sanding service in Deerfield, IL such us:

  • Re-Sanding Floor
  • Refinishing freshly installed hardwood floor
  • Sanding parquet flooring
  • Applying oil and water base finish
  • Help with choosing/matching the stain color
  • Hardwood Floor Restoration

We also offer hardwood floor installation service in Deerfield, IL such us:

  • Installation of engineering floor
  • Installation of laminate floor
  • Real Solid Oak Wood Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Renovation
  • Hardwood Floor Repair
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