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Laminate Floor Installation Contractor

Sanding Wood Floor is a great place to find your laminate floor installer. We have installed multiple kinds of laminate flooring such us: Glue-less laminate flooring, Glued laminate flooring, DPL Flooring, HPL Flooring. As well as many different patterns such us wood like laminate flooring, plastic-like laminate flooring, stone-like laminate flooring, smooth, embossed, hand scraped, and traditional.

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hammering hardwood floor planksThe installation process is not hard, but the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the floor surface must be flat. If there are gouges or the floor rises in certain spots, it will be showing right after the installation of the laminate flooring. It’s important to properly remove the carpet and carpet holding strips, and clear out the area from nails, staples, dust, and everything that could be on the way between the new laminate floor and the subfloor that we will be installing it on.

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The next recommended, but not mandatory step after cleaning the floor area is to use an underlayment under the floor that we will be installing. It is important for a few reasons:

  • hides some imperfections of the floor underneath
  • reduces the noise level while walking on laminate floor
  • additional protection of the laminate floor base from the water

Laminate floors are affordable, easy to clean, resistant to scratches – good for heavy traffic areas in homes with kids and pets

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