Useful Tips and Tricks while Sanding Hardwood Floors:

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drum sander for hardwood floorsSanding Hardwood Floors, while doing it by yourself isn’t an
easy task. Therefore, one minor mistake can cause that the whole process would stand under a question mark. That could create additional costs for repairing your own mistakes. So, you should be
take a look at possible tips and tricks that can save you from significant hassles.

List of Tips for Sanding Hardwood Floors:

Start with Gathering the Tools/Equipment and Materials:

Before you get into any significant procedures, you must first
gather all the required equipment and materials for sanding wood floors. The most significant is the drum sander You
would get the Drum sander and the edger that you can find to rent on the market. Meanwhile, several other tools would be required for the task to achieve better results such us: scraper, good vacuum, sanding cube, paintbrush, containers for the finish and stain, different kinds of paper grits, broom, shovel, extension cords, scraper sharpener, plyers, hammer, craw bar to remove trims if needed.

This is why it is important for you to gather all of the Equipment and materials before starting the procedure.

Cleaning the Area:

Before you start sanding the area, you need to make sure the surface is clean. You need to remove everything from the room that is laying on the floor, remove the carpet, strips, swipe the area with the broom.

Try to nail down all sticking out nails and remove the leftovers staples. This will prevent the sanding paper from breaking, or even breaking the sanding machine. Once the surface area is clean you can start sanding process.

Stay focused and careful while holding the equipment:

Taking suitable precautions is essential for you to perform a hard task of sanding hardwood floor. Suddenly, you can get into significant injuries while transporting equipment from one place to another.

Therefore, the transportation of equipment or tools would be better for you if you have considered ramps for it. Meanwhile, the furniture placed inside the room must be empty before moving them away from the room that is going to be sanded.

Be very careful when you come closer to the top of the stairs, as the machine is pulling you forward and you may end up falling of the stairs, or the machine only will fall and you will damage the stairs, the walls, probably the floor on the very bottom, as well as break the machine or hurt somebody.

Use of Earplugs and Masks:

When dealing with the Hardwood Floors Sanding, creates a lot
of debris and dust in the room. The tiny unseen particles of debris and dust
would go into your mouth and nose or other surfaces causing several allergies along with
breathing issues. This is why it is important to use a protective gear such us masks and earplugs. 

IF you want to stay safe, try to use the earplugs and masks
at the time of sanding. Meanwhile, you would have to take care of your eyes and
hands too. For that purpose, you can consider gloves along with any other guard
that can easily protect your eyes.

different grits of sanding paperUse Grits Appropriately:

Grits are crucial in the sanding procedure as they are used to help to level the entire surface. As a newbie, you might not be aware that grits are not used similarly for every surface are of hardwood floors. There would be some differences between the rooms Area where you have installed the

Hardwood floors. So, using Grits in the whole area with a
single measurement is not a good practice. It would help if you learned about using the Grits scales depending upon the area. Several videos available on YouTube can guide you about the preferable ways to use the Grits for sanding purposes.

I like to use 36 grits on the main drum sander, then 60 then 80, and the edges depends on the floor wear. If the floor is very damaged and dark stain I would also use the same process on the edges, adding the regular orbital sander after the edger with 60 grits paper. If the floor is easier to sand I would only use 60 grits edger, smooth it slightly with 80 grits and then finish up with small orbital sander.

hardwood floor refinishing servicesRe-coat after the Floors dries:

The majority of the people don’t know about the appropriate
way of re-coating the Hardwood Floors. After you are done
with the first coat, try to give some time for the Floor until it dries, so you can then start another coats. Meanwhile, never finish the work with one coat as a proper hardwood floor sanding takes at least two coats and 3 or more for a better results. 


process of sanding hardwood floor

Never Leave the Corners:

The Drum sanders are not good with their sanding procedures around the corners of the room. Therefore, you can’t expect the same tool to sand over the corners and edges of hardwood floors. In that case, using another tool would be better for you. Yes, we are talking about the edger that can help efficiently perform the sanding procedure onto the corner areas of the rooms. In general, the drum sander comes in a circle shape while the room corners are square, so it becomes more challenging for the drum sander to sand those areas.

Perform the Cleaning:

After completing the sanding procedure, it would be essential
for you to clean the surface area with a vacuum or microfiber cloth.

The debris or dust you created after you complete the sanding procedure. Therefore, it’s essential to clean the dust or debris to begin the next polishing procedure. The polishing procedure would have poor results without cleaning the dust or debris, and could leave micro scratches. You will see the mistakes after applying stain or coats of finish.

Never Miss the sealer:

Missing the Sealer on the Hardwood Floors is mandatory if you
think the flooring area will generally take the stains. Therefore, a sealer will protect the surface area from resisting the stain.

Always Think about the Exit Strategy:

When you end your sanding hardwood floor procedure, a safe
and damage-free exit strategy is essential for you. In other words, we are talking about starting the application with the area opposite the exit door.

Never try to do it in a way where you have to end up stuck
in the middle of the whole sanding and polished surface.