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Engineering Floor Installation Services

If you are looking for a company that will install your engineering flooring, you are in a perfect place for that. No matter on what stage you are, of the planning the new floor installation – we will provide you with a free consultation. We will help you find the correct flooring that suits your needs, advice about – how to go thru the engineering floor installation process with the least negative impact on your everyday life, as well us inform you about our progress on every step of the way to completion.

hardwood floor locksWhat is an engineering flooring?

The top pieces of engineered floor consist of different kinds of wood like: oak wood, maple wood, walnut etc., that is compressed in layers called Plys. Good quality engineering floor will have more layers of real wood, and will be more durable and usually lasts longer.

Good quality engineering floor, could be easily sanded and refinish up to 1-2 times depending on the flooring wear and the presence of the bigger chips and dents, existing in an actual floor that was install a while ago.

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Engineering floor installation is a great option for people who loves real wood and would like to save some money and time on the floor sanding. Engineering flooring, offers many different installation methods like: glued, stapled, floating with glued joints, floating clicked together, and can be installed on the variety of subfloors like: concrete, plywood, another floor or even titles.

What is the best company to call for a free consultation to install my engineering flooring?

If you have enough of searching around for a reliable engineering floor contractor, you can give us a call and leave the message with your first name, your phone number, and the short description of the job, that you are trying to accomplish.

flooring nailgun - footSanding Wood Floor will give you a call back to answer all your questions and setup the time for the floor inspection. After examining your current floor setup, we will be able to give you exact estimate for the engineering floor installation. Whether you choose the materials, or you want us to do it for you, the price of the installation won’t change. We always encourage to do your own research, but we could definitely help you speed up the time, and advice you about, what should you pay attention to the most, while choosing an engineering flooring.

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